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Gouri Kapur has a total of 25 years experience as a Professional Makeup Artist. She worked Professionally for TEN years before she even ventured into training.

Training is a specialized skill and her continuous artistry in bridals, Advertising and Fashion give her a definitive edge.

The GOURI KAPUR ACADEMY Advanced Makeup Course maybe for you. Whether you are a student, a housewife or a professional in another field, you are most welcome.

However, learning makeup at The GOURI KAPUR ACADEMY is not going to be very easy. It is not for the bored or the partially interested. 

If you have a passionate belief In yourself, a sense of excitement  and joy about

The Art Of Makeup, you are truly welcome. Gouri Kapur puts in a lot of effort and sincerity into training and expects the students to be equally sincere and hardworking. Please consider other numerous courses available if you are not serious about learning.  

Gouri Kapur teaches you the skills, guides you while imparting tips  and tricks learnt through years of experience. 


She points out the common mistakes and the right products to buy .

( PLEASE NOTE: GOURI KAPUR ACADEMY has NO collaboration with any brand for ANY     personal monetary gains). 

You will have the right tools and techniques to handle a variety of client situations. It is easy to get it right when you learn right. 

                                       Passionate and creative women who want to empower themselves   may reach out. Below is a longer and more extensive writeup if you are truly interested.   PLEASE  click  "CONTACT " on top FOR FURTHER DETAILS. Do not hesitate at all to 

call, message or email, for any queries. 

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Her journey has been long, from being an unknown newcomer to working with - Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma, Neha Dhupia, 

Lisa Ray, Sonali Bendre, Pooja Bedi, Geeta Basra, Ramya, Aindrita Ray,  M.S.Dhoni, Rahul Dravid, Vinay Rai, Diganth, Virat Kohli to name a few. 

Gouri Kapur has done makeup for high profile weddings - 

(Mr. Narayan Murthy's daughter, Mr. Nandan Nilekeni's daughter, 

The Royal wedding between Krutika Raje and Akshay Bhansali...) 


Gouri Kapur started at a time when there was an unawareness about the  difference between a ordinary Salon and a Make up Artist's Studio. She has come a long way by demonstrating the power and importance of makeup by creating a "LOOK". 


Makeup learnt on Indian skin helps a Makeup Artist far more than training  internationally and then working in India. Always do the other way around, it is  always more beneficial if you plan to work in India. 


The Makeup Course is of course, beyond just makeup. It teaches you how  to analyze your client, stay in tune with trends, and complements the makeup  to the requirement, personality and look. This is the real challenge for every  Makeup Artist.  

Mostly, society now has become more open to the importance and benefits of makeup. With the availability of international brands in the Indian market, it has become more accessible and people have become more aware and experimental. The only thing lacking is enough knowledge. And that's where 

Gouri Kapur Academy comes in, as having all products and tools without proper   knowledge is such a monumental waste! You may call well done makeup, "non-   invasive plastic surgery!" as the Makeup Artist is recreating features with the   power of her talent. Makeup done unprofessionally can mar a face, and cause   extreme embarassment. IT IS BETTER NOT TO HAVE ANY MAKEUP ON IF YOU   DO NOT HAVE THE SKILL. 


 And mostly no one, out of politeness, tells you that your makeup is bad!  


 What should you expect at Gouri Kapur's Academy? 

 A 40 Day Workshop covering all aspects of Makeup. 


-Foundation basics and contouring. 

-Natural makeup, Nude makeup (nude refers to colours only), Fashion       makeup and variations, Bridal makeup and variations, Party makeup and   variations, Black and White makeup, Conceptual makeup, Ramp makeup, Film   makeup, Vintage makeup, Male makeup, Makeup for aged skin, and Photo Shoot   makeup. YES! makeup for high end Still Photography is not the same!  

-Experimenting with different forms of foundation including airbrush. 

-You would be encouraged to bring your own looks to experiment and learn as   the class progresses. You would have hands on training everyday, hence   practice  would be included everyday on each other and you would be expected   to replicate the looks learnt in class. 

-An Exam would be conducted for 3 looks at the end of the class . 

-The Theme of the Looks to be researched and performed in a time limit given   to you. 

-The classes are scheduled from 12 to 5pm, 5 days a week. 

-After the completion of the classes you will be working on a 

  PHOTOGRAPHY SHOOT exclusively for your portfolio. 

 The images will be given to you via e-mail. 

-Your aim should be to reach international standards and go a notch higher       than the students of the earlier batch. Only reputed and very experienced   Advertising and Fashion Photographers would be shooting for the Academy,   enabling you to achieve the best possible look. It is upto you to make use of   this opportunity which very few makeup artists will get in their careers.   Needless to say, Professional high end Photography and Lighting has a big   impact on your pictures. We will be going beyond ordinary mobile phone  picture   taking and so called "candid" photography. 

-The COST of the workshop includes the Photography Shoot. Models would also   be provided for your shoot. 

-You would also be expected to invest in your own Personal Makeup Kit .The   products to be invested in will be suggested personally by Gouri Kapur. A day of   shopping for makeup is included in the 40 day workshop. 

 Please be prepared to start investing in the products towards your Personal   Makeup Kit from the first week itself as it is imperative for an artist to have her   own kit and  get comfortable with her products and colours. 

-The academy has trained many reputed makeup artists - 

 Sabrina Suhail  

 Suman Maharjan  

 Manjeet Khera  

 Kulsum Parvez  

 Seema Tabassum  

 Shreya Asrani  



 Ridhi Mahna  

 Annapurna Narsepalli  



 Roshni Safir  

 Sarah Amrin 

 Dania Laiq 

 Neeti Pratap  

 Anu Chugh  

 The link to the professional students trained at the academy -

-Makeup Artists generally work Freelance but may be employed by studios also.   The avenues of employment are: 



 Working with international make up brands 

 Advertising still shoots 

 Ad films 



 Celebrity personal artists 

 Tv serials 

 Fashion shows 







      Below , GOURI KAPUR ACADEMY proudly presents some of our Makeup Students' Portfolios-     

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