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Answer me this!


Can Fashion, Makeup, Style and a Killer Attitude based on hard personal experiences told with shocking honesty and brutal wit make for an interesting way to shoot a mini-web series?


What if the attitude is not just the far too commonly seen juvenile attitude-for-attitude's-sake among the immature? This is not merely an arrogant  self- centered kid who has yet to prove anything. She could be a B*tch, or a Diva. Whatever you think, she could be a part of you, the one you choose to hide. She, to put it mildly, does not mince words or suffer fools. 

The People, ask Her questions and if She wishes, She answers!

MAAYA, She says, is that voice in your soul that you are too afraid to hear!

 Watch these videos.They are a few seconds each. 

 When you see them on YouTube and Instagram, 

 ask her a question. 

 Who knows where this might lead to!

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