What IS Fashion Makeup?  

 What does the word "Fashion" conjure in your mind?  

 Is the world of Fashion exciting, vibrant, fun, and somewhat strange?  

Of course it is!  

 That is the whole point.  


For those who do not like it, there is always the choice of "natural"   ordinariness and baking a banana cake perhaps?  

 We don't mind.  

 Everyone has an opinion on Fashion.  

 Heck, everyone has an opinion on everything!  

 While we do Bridal, Natural, Corporate, Advertising and Film Makeup with    dedication, attention to detail and professionalism- it is the experimentative,  

 High Fashion look which excites us. Of course, on the world map, Bangalore is     known for IT, not Fashion but if it happens, hopefully our tiny voice will say  

 "Hello ! We have been waiting!"