Client Testimonials

-- Gauri, thank you so much for being our hair and make-up artist. You were so professional and managed to make the whole experience so relaxing and enjoyable! I felt like a princess from start to finish – it was wonderful having someone who I felt I could trust being part of my special day. Thank you again for everything!!”

-- A magnificent artist for any occasion. Gauri’s passion for makeup shines right through her work".

-- “I had the pleasure of meeting Gouri Kapur, an extremely talented make-up artist for any occasion, especially bridal make up! Gauri's passion for makeup shines right through her work, and I would highly recommend her to everyone! I had a practice run, and she was really helpful and listened to my comments and requirements. She didn't try to enforce her idea's and colour schemes, she really took into account the colours that I like to wear and was open to me saying if I didn't like something. On the actual day she arrived on time and made-up all five of my bridesmaids and myself and we had a fabulous time. She was relaxed, professional and really helped at what was quite an emotional time. Her calm attitude and nature helped relax and make me feel at ease. Just wanted to say thank you for doing such a fantastic job with my make-up . I truly felt like a "million dollar bride” :)

-- I am not really a make-up person so was apprehensive about the process. At the trial prior to the wedding, Gouri immediately put me at ease! Her friendly manner made it so easy to talk to her about what I wanted and she was able to offer me expert advice, which gave me the perfect look. I was so pleased, I have never seen myself made up like this and it lasted the entire day. Gouri really is an amazing person and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for making my wedding such a memorable experience. When I received the wedding photos, I was really delighted to see myself, it was a perfect blend of colors going very well with my attire. I will definitely be recommending her to all my friends and relatives. Thanks for the magic carpet ride Gouri. - Meghana

--When I quit my 7 yr corporate Job to work with colours, I did not know if I had it in me to be a makeup artist. At this juncture in life, we got Gouri Kapur's 9844110132 on the net and called her to enquire if she will help train us(Manjeet & Me). We were told that there isn't going to be a batch until 6 months from the time we called. We were in a fix and not sure if this would happen. I did not know if I had to wait for 6 whole months. Going by our instincts, We made the choice of waiting and the next most obvious question, Was the wait worth it??? Oh Bouy, what do i say. Gouri's Course was exactly that what we needed. Gouri, a brand by herself was not just an instructor but the mentor who could place n invigorate our basics & set the flag waving for a career we dreaming and aspiring off. I'm so pleased as punch that we waited for the 6 month period. Today,Manjeet & Preeya-Professional makeup artists from Bangalore,is formed and we would want to attribute this to Gouri's training and mentoring. Every time we are beautifying a client & while at it, the words - no stark lines, blend, precision, canvas,acid test....keeps ringing in the mind and a smile automatically lights up our face. Anybody who has worked with Gouri will know the reason to that smile :-P Gouri, is an admirable synthesis of a mind that speaks and heart that gives. Love you Gouri,can't thank you enough. - Priyadarshini P

--She's an inspiring woman. Her work speaks oodles of her capability and with that kind of talent, success just follows! Gouri Kapur- a fantastic Make up Artist and a woman who inspired me to learn the art of Makeup. She knows all the tricks of the trade, and when she takes you in as a student, she gives you all the information you need to help turn you into a pro. Joining Gouri's course has indeed been one of the best things to happen to me! Her talent and inclination to pass on that talent will surely turn Bangalore into one Glamorous City! Her constant support makes you believe in yourself and that's a sign of a great teacher. All you aspiring Makeup Artists- Gouri is the way to go! You'll never be disappointed. - Shreya Asrani